What do you need?

The Neuromaster: The clinical state of the art instrument, approved as a CE-certified medical device. The Neuromaster can be used as a tabletop unit or as a portable device and enables wireless, USB and Memory Card operation.



The Neuromodules: Measure directly near the electrodes and thus eliminate artifacts by cable movement. Up to 7 Neuromodules can be used with the Neuromaster. Measure: EEG, EMG, ECG, Breath and with the multi-sensor skin conductance, heart rate and temperature on one finger!



Biolife-Software: The future-oriented multimedia software for biofeedback, neurofeedback and long-term diagnostics for the Neuromaster. For Win7, Win 8 and the following operating systems.  



Optional: Therapy libraries for Biolife: Simply select indications and start the therapy. Each library contains premade therapy templates created by biofeedback experts.

Optional: Biofeedback Education at the European Biofeedback Association


The SOFTmed system and the software are modular. Because we dont want to sell you something you do not need, the price may vary. Please send us an inquiry with your desired area of application via e-mail or call us for a personal consultation! Once you have chosen a suitable configuration, we will make you an offer immediately.

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