Biolife: Multimedia Software for Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

The state-of-the-art software for biofeedback. A new and unmistakable self-explanatory user interface of Biolife® built for relaxing experiences of both therapist and patient! The Drag-and-drop function allows you to operate applications simply. The ideal software for biofeedback, neurofeedback and the analysis of long-term measurements. Biolife® may be operated with two monitors and allows integration of your videos, images or sounds.

Using Biolife® permits quick individual combinations of any temporal sequences, a configuration of parameters or fully automated presets.

The Biolife-Software is available in german AND english language!

Biolife: Your benefits

Plug and play

  • Self-explanatory appliance
  • Start therapeutic or diagnostic sessions for your specific indication with just a click by means of the therapy libraries
  • Includes extensive therapy manual


  • Simple integration of videos/images/sounds in biofeedback sessions
  • Separate monitors for patients and therapist possible
  • Get your own session templates in five simple stages


  • Numerous multimedia files and feedback modalities
  • Create your own fully automated sessions including different stages just the way you intend it
  • Includes statistical analyses
  • Presentation of results


  • Simply unlock new therapy libraries
  • One software for several devices


  • The most recent biofeedback software available – developed for Win7, Win8 and following MS operating systemsRegular updates via internet