What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a scientifically based method that immediately displays the patients learning curve that enables control of otherwise unconscious bodily functions. Biofeedback could also be called an image processing system in psychosomatic medicine. Via biofeedback, physiological responses to stress- or relaxation-related situations are measured and reported back to patients in a simple and understandable manner (=feedback).

The objective of biofeedback therapy is to enable patients to control (autonomous) physiological reactions to stress in order to relieve stress-induced symptoms.

Insight into the relationship between body and mind
Patients may find it hard to accept that mental or psychological factors can cause diseases. Biofeedback facilitates the realization of “invisible influences” of the mind activated by thoughts, feelings or fears, especially for “skeptical patients”. This happens via objectively visible parameters onscreen. Thus, patients’ individual models of diseases open up to psychological causes.

What is measured?

Skin conductance (SCL)

The skin conductance provides information on the sweat gland activity of the finger and is considered a good indicator of the stress level of the patient.

Electroencephalogram - Neurofeedback

Here, patients learn to influence their brain waves themselves. Aside of clinical indications such as ADHD, neurofeedback is also used for PeakPerformance-Training.

Pulse rate (HRV)

With heart rate variability training synchronicity of heartbeat and respiration is trained, which positively affects the stress reactions of the client.

EMG muscle tension

The patient gains control over his/her muscle tension. The goal is a reduction of too much tension which often manifests itself in chronic pain conditions.

Breath (RESP)

We train depth of breathing, respiratory rate, and a conscious abdominal breathing. This quick-to-learn techniques help the patient to actively respond to stress and strain.

Temperature (TEMP)

Whith temperature training the ability to heat the finger is acquired intentionally by relaxation.